We are:

Mária Kósa – Music Director “International Music Academy INTMA”,

founder of The Brunette Quartet

Barbara Gulyás-Megyeri – professional flutist, music teacher

Orsolya Horváth – professional flutist, kindergarten pedagogue

Júlia Kósa – professional flutist, music teacher

We are four young, professional flutists, who beyond the bond of friendship are also bound together through our love to music, our love to the flute and also through our wish and curiosity to experiment and to explore together.

The Brunette Quartett--3

The idea of founding this quartet came so clear and overwhelming, that there was almost no need of postprocessing on the concept. This ensemble provides us with unknown possibilities to explore our talents and become acquainted with new musical fields. We are assured, that with this formation we are able to interpret every musical style and genre. We dominate not just the traditional ways of flute playing, but can also implement new techniques, sounds and methods, to explore until now unknown fields in music.

Throughout our different roots and cultural background and due to our differences in personal style and character, we have a wide assortment of musical diversity at our disposal. This fact opens a new dimension to our musicality and interpretation.

Our goals with The Brunette Quartet are to enrich and surprise our audience, but also to be able to show, that with the help of music, every border, difference and unequality is to overcome. We want to bring our audience closer to the uniting, harmonizing power of music.


Music is the only common, boundless world language.